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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

France beat Argentina 3-1 (14-25, 29-27, 25-23, 25-18) - duration 1:59
09-Oct, start time: 21:10, end time: 23:09 - Attendance: 10,250
Dominique Daquin (Captain FRA): "I am very happy because it was a very difficult match against ten thousand people. During the first set we expected that Argentina made errors but they didn't. In the second set we improved our level and we had luck at the end. We had the opportunity and we took it".

Q: Are you injured? How the group changed its level?
A: "My uncle is not so well, but with the physiotherapy I'm sure that I will be in the semifinal."
"During the first set we didn't feel upset because Argentina played well and we didn't play at all. Then we went to the bench and we said: "We can't leave Argentina to play alone", so we entered to the court to play in an aggressive way".

Philippe Blain (Coach FRA): "I am very happy for the victory, this is the main comment that I want to say. We are not accustoming to play against an effusive crowd. Our game was very offensive and we also played well in the defense, and that was the key to get the victory".

Q: You made a long-term project. Were you expecting this result?
A: "We started with this project two years ago and it was ambitious. We changed some players and we tried to play our best Volleyball. Today we are in the semifinal and we are going to concentrate in this stage".

Marcos Milinkovic (Captain ARG): "We knew that If we didn't played in a 100% percent of our possibilities we wouldn't be able to win. Argentina didn't play in the same level as against Bulgaria and Italy. And I want to say that they are fair winners.

Q: What was the impression that the match left you: That France was an unbeaten team or that you could win if you have played better
A: "You have to play in a 100% mentally and psychologically. And we didn't play as well as we did against Bulgaria and Italy. Now we have one to recover because we want to reach the 5th place in the tournament and we want to give our best to do it".

Q: What were the reasons of your lost? Why you look so downcast in the last two sets?
A: "The reasons were France good game. That affect us and we couldn't revert it, so that's why we couldn't win. If there is something any can't say is that Argentina gave everything in all the matches to win. Probably the level wasn't that good".

Q: How much the support of the crowd affects you?
A: "If the crowd had not supported us against Italy we couldn't have win. We didn't play as we know and now we want to reach the 5th place".

Carlos Getzelevich (Coach FRA): "Obviously, yesterday when I said that France was the favorite, it was because I had a reason to say that. France had a very good defense and they also have very important players in the attacks. Our level wasn't like in other matches. I want to congratulate France for tonight's match".

Q: How do you feel?, because maybe your dreams didn't come up but your objective were accomplished.
A: "Is not going to be easy. The objective was to be in the best eight. What we will do is to keep fighting. We thanks to the support of the crowd in all the matches