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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Russia beat Portugal 3-0 (26-24, 25-15, 25-20) - duration 1:12
06-Oct, start time: 17:10, end time: 18:22 - Attendance: 3,000
Ubirajara Pereyra (Portugal, Captain): "There is not much I can say, they were better in every aspect of the game. We made a lot of errors and it is too difficult to win that way, mostly playing against Russia".

Q: Why couldn't you keep the playing level that you displayed before?
A: "That is something I am asking myself as well. We have to talk about it with the players. We also have to consider that it was Russia we faced. I think we could not control the serve and that made things difficult for us. Anyway, I am satisfied with the players commitment".

Olikhver Rouslan (Russia, Captain): "I am very satisfied with the game, it was the best match we played. Our service was very good and reception worked adequately. I am happy for the performance of the team".

Juan Diaz (Portugal, Coach): "Mentally we weren't where we should have been. We were under a lot of pressure and made far too many reception mistakes. We need to display a good reception, especially when meeting teams like this one. We did not have a good disposition. It was our worse match".

Q: How is your team going to work the mental aspect taking into account what is yet to come?
A: "As before. We have nothing to lose. This team was under a lot of psychological pressure and today there was a break. It is reasonable that we decreased our performance as nobody can cope with such amount of pressure, mainly if we take into account that our players are very young".

Guennadi Chipouline (Russia, Coach): "Today I can say that I am very satisfied with the team's performance. I am very satisfied although there are some issues we still have to improve. I want to keep on working with players connections, especially between the setter and attackers. We are going to work thinking about next round. We are in the right path and we have found our game".

Q: What can you highlight from today's match?
A: "We managed to serve well, and to establish a good connection between attackers and receivers".