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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Argentina beat Italy 3-1 (25-17, 24-26, 25-22, 25-20) - duration 1:43
06-Oct, start time: 20:10, end time: 21:53 - Attendance: 10,250
Pasquale Gravina (Captain ITA):"We play very bad. We know that it was going to be difficult. In the next match we'll face Brazil and then we'll see if we'll play as we know".

Q: Did Papi's injure affected you?
A: "No"

Marcos Milinkovic (Captain ARG): "The happiness that I feel is inexplicable. We pressured a lot and forced them to make mistakes. After loosing a set the team stayed quiet. We had a lot of patience and I think that the best skill that we had was the aggressive serve."

Q: Before the World Championship Argentina's main wish was play the quarterfinals, now what is your objective?
A: "This is not enough, we want more. Apart from Yugoslavia none of the teams are playing in a high level so I think that we can defeat any team".

Q: How do you feel with the happiness of the crowd?
A: "The main thing that make us happy is that we could do the thing that we were training along our preparatory process. What makes it sweetest is that we could show the people our real level".

Q: Andrea Anastasi mentioned that the low performance of Italy was because of the crowd. What do you thing about it?
A: "We did all the things that we planned and that made them play in a lower level".

Q: About the relationship with the crowd and also emotionally. Is the team playing in its best level?
A: "There are always thing to improve. Little details always have to get better. On Wednesday's match we will play even better."

Carlos Getzelevich (Head Coach ARG):"It was a great match and I am very happy because all my players did a great labor and we could do in the court what we planned before."

Q: Is this the most important victory in your career as a coach?
A: "This is not my victory, is a collective victory and victory of Marcos Milinkovic. We already beat Brazil, Yugoslavia, Italy and the United States in other matches. This is a victory for everybody".

Andrea Anastasi (Head Coach ITA): "We know that all the matches are difficult and I have to admit that Argentina played better than Italy".

Q: "How are you going to prepare the team for the next match?
A: "Now we have to play in Cordoba and the match against Brazil will be tough. I don't know yet the strategy that we'll use."