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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Argentina beat Japan 3-2 (25-21, 21-25, 25-27, 25-21, 16-14) - duration 2:17
04-Oct, start time: 21:10, end time: 23:27 - Attendance: 10,250
Kato Yoichi (Captain JPN): "The great crowd of Argentina was the most important thing to beat. During the game we couldn't stopped the spikes of Marcos Milinkovic."

Marcos Milinkovic (Captain ARG): "I think that Argentina didn't play well tonight and Japan played an excellent match. Argentine's deficiencies plus Japan good performance made it even harder."

Q: Japan is different to the years before. What is your opinion about it?
A: "It is a very good team. They know how to attack and they have a very good defense. They played the 'dirty' balls very well. I think that changed the name of the players but not the way how they play."

Mikiyase Tanaka (Coach JPN): "As you saw was a very close match, but one of team had to win. We have a lot of inexperienced players and that was the most important aspect why we lost."

Carlos Getzelevich (Coach ARG): "I think that was a very good match. Japan played it best match of the tournament. We didn't block as we could and Japan took advantage of that."

Q: Which are the necessities that your team needs to reach its peak?
A: "I think we must improve our serve and back row attack. I want to highlight the heart that our team put to the win the match."

Q: Japan scored a lot because Argentina made too many unforced errors. How will you prepared tomorrow's match?
A: "Bulgaria is another team and we have to improve a lot of aspects in our game like the defense and the serve".

Q: How this long match could affect Argentina in a long run?
A: "There's nothing better than winning. We prepared a lot for this World Championship and we are going to be in a good shape."

Q: Why Argentina lost so many points at the serve?
A: "We missed only fifteen points with our serve tonight, that's because we want to play in a very aggressive way".

Q: Are you happy with the performance of the last two sets?
A: "Yes, the team rearranged well."