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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

France beat Bulgaria 3-2 (25-23, 22-25, 25-22, 17-25, 17-15) - duration 2:06
01-Oct, start time: 18:10, end time: 20:16 - Attendance: 2,730
Nikolay Ivanov (Captain BUL):" Tonight we showed a very good match for the fans, because both teams had a solid game. I am sorry we coudn't maintain the advantage in the tiebreak"

Dominique Daquin (Captain FRA):"I am very happy with tonight's victory. We kept the dynamic and we were able to make the necessary changes in the game to win the match"

Q: Were you expecting to reach this position?
A: No. In my mind I saw Russia first, but they didn't play well. It is a big surprise and we are very happy to finish first."

Philippe Blain (Head Coach FRA) " The good thing about this match is that both teams were already classified. We succeed because we have spirit. Both teams deserved to be on the first place. The result was even because of the equal level and that is why it was a closed end"

Q: You will play against Netherlands and Brazil in the next round Are you prepared to face those potentials?
A: I don't care who we will face in the next round. Both teams will be very hard to beat."

Q: Is it France a candidate to win the Championship?
A: We have to play as well as against Russia. It is a long competition so I don't know, but it is possible. If we play like against Russia we can make it."

Assen Galabinov (Head coach BUL) "I would like to congratulate France with their victory. It was a dynamic match. Both teams were already classified, so this match was important just to know where we are going to play next: in Santa Fe or in Buenos Aires. We gave our best and I am happy with my team."

Q: What is you opinion about the first round?
A: The first round didn't play at a good level. It was average, because all teams played with a lot of pressure. My players haven't reach their performance yet.