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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Bulgaria beat Tunisia 3-1 (21-25, 33-31, 25-12, 25-15) - duration 1:40
30-Sep, start time: 20:40, end time: 22:20 - Attendance: 1,405
Ivanov Nikolay (Captain BUL): "I want to say that I am very happy for the victory. This victory opens the way for the next round. Also I want to congratulate Tunisia's team because they played very well. Tonight we realized that we must enter to the court very concentrated to face any rival".

Ghazi Guiddara (Captain Tunisia): "Today we played against a very hard team. We were not concentrated in the second set and we lost a lot of balls. But we are here to get experience, today's match was a lesson for us to be prepared for the next ones".

Antonio Giacobbe (Head Coach. TUN): " I think that my team played well tonight against an expert team like Bulgaria. They are a very experiment team. Although I am not very happy with the result of tonight I am very enthusiastic with tomorrow's match.

Q: Do you believe it is possible to beat Russia?
A: "We keep up all the possibilities. We try to give our maximum to qualify to the next stage, and anything is impossible".

Q: Why the level of your team reduces after the seconds sets?
A: " We are not use to play in a high level. So sometimes they play well and sometimes not. Tonight we started playing well but then Bulgaria changed its game and complicated us because we don't have many substitutions to do".

Galabinov Assen (Head Coach BUL): "I want to congratulate Tunisia for their great match. To be honest I thought that yesterday's match was going to be harder than today's, but I was wrong. We have a young team and they don't have much experience. The match was it has to be and I was expected winning it. My team played about a fifty percent of its capacity. I am not very glad but anyway we won".

Q: Will you try to win tomorrow taking in count that maybe you want to be the second of your pool?
A: "We will play every match as the last one and tomorrow we will play to win. The history shows that when some teams made a calculation they never reach theirs objectives".