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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

France beat Russia 3-1 (25-21, 25-21, 13-25, 25-12) - duration 1:39
30-Sep, start time: 18:10, end time: 19:49 - Attendance: 1,935
Rouslan Olikhver (Captain RUS): "I don't know how to explain our game. I only have to say that I`m ashamed."

Dominique Daquin (Captain FRA): "We are very happy because we beat Russia. This is very special for us and we are very satisfied."

Guennadi Chipouline (Coach RUS):" It`s really very difficult for me to talk because I`m very disappointed with the performance of my team. We made a lot of errors but I expect we will do a better game tomorrow."

Q: You came here as one of the favorite and now you are close to leave the tournament How can you explain that?
A: "There are lots of reasons that explain our performance. If we had known the reason of our bad game we wouldn't have played like tonight".

Q: The Russian captain said he felt embarrassed about how they played. How do you feel about this?
A: "Feeling embarrassed does not change things. I feel really bad about this result. I must watch the match again to analyze how to solve our problems".

Q: The physical condition of your players influenced the team's performance in these two matches?.
A: "I must admit that Roman Iakovlev is not in his best shape and he did not play as he could have. Regarding our Captain, he is a great sportsman and I would like to thank him for the support he showed towards the team. Regarding morale, the Bulgarian team beat us yesterday and this probably influenced our performance today. However, the French team has a fair victory".

Q: What are you going to say to your players to improve the level of play during the next match?
A: "I want to say that my players are all adults and know how to prep up for tomorrow's match".

Philippe Blain (Coach FRA): "I`m very proud about my team first of all with two aspects the serve and the block."

Q: What will your attitude for tomorrow be since Bulgaria does not want to be first in their pool?
A: "I don`t know if Bulgaria wants to be first or not, we will do our best to win the match. I'm not sure whether being second is better or not".

Q: Would you like to play against Argentina in the next round or you would like to face another team?
A: "I think that Argentina is playing well but if we must play against them I think that it will be in our favor".