FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship 2014

Press release

Italy 2014: a celebration of women in volleyball


Rome, Italy, July 10, 2014 – A new episode for the campaign # iogiocoapallavolo (I play volleyball)  that will accompany us until 23 September, the opening day of the FIVB Women’s World Championship, with profiles of many women who have a job and play volleyball in the free time.

Today is the turn of Marta, 27 years old, podiatrist by profession and volleyball player for passion. She divides herself between the job and the volleyball court where he plays as middle blocker.

The hashtag # iogiocoapallavolo brings with it a clear and indisputable message: Italy 2014 is the World Championship of all women's volleyball and will be a great competition also for them.

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