FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship 2014

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China and India to strive for ticket to FIVB World Championships

Good defense of Saudi Arabia brings China enough troubles

Chenzhou, China, September 21, 2013 – The Pool C of Asian Men’s Qualification Tournament for World Championships presented two intense and exciting matches at the Chenzhou Sports Center on Saturday. 

Chinese Taipei and Saudi Arabia recovered from their first day’s loss and gave India and China a powerful counterstrike. Following India’s tough win against Chinese Taipei this afternoon in 3-1 (25-19, 21-25, 25-18, 26-24), China also met a big challenge from Saudi Arabia but finally took down the match by 3-0?28-26, 25-20, 27-25. China and India will strive for the only one ticket of this pool to the World Championships on Sunday.

India downs Chinese Taipei 3-1

In the first set, Chinese Taipei glued the score all the way until 11-12 by their quickness and diversity. But due to the increase of errors and the height advantage of India, Chinese Taipei gradually fell behind and lost the first set in 19-25.

However, Chinese Taipei came into their rhythm of play quickly in the second set and dug a hole for India in the beginning by 6-2 lead. Though India tried to fill the hole through substitution and more ways of attack, Chinese Taipei always kept leading 8-3 at the first technical timeout, 16-10 at the second, and 25-21 at the end.

Back to the same start line at the third set, both teams played more intensely. Chinese Taipei kept their momentum and took a good start by a 4-1 lead. But the height advantage again helped India control the set. With higher quality of spiking, blocking and serving, India came back from behind and finished the set in 25-18.

Obviously, Chinese Taipei was not willing to give up and they produced India enough troubles. The score maintained tie from 1-1 to 19-19. Chinese Taipei scored 3 successive points and once stood in a good position of advantage. But India turned out to be better at scoring key points after the timeout and claimed a reversed win by 26-24.

3-0, a straight but tough win for China

China started the first set by 4-2 lead. But Saudi Arabia played well in defense and service, changing the score to 16-14 at the second technical timeout. China maintained the efficiency of first attack and took back the initiative by 21-19 lead. Saudi Arabia called timeout and it worked out. They once again revered the score to 24-23, which pushed China at the edge of danger. At this crucial moment, China resisted the pressure and sustained to 24, 25 and 26 tie, following which, 2 successive points scored led China to take down the first set.

China changed experienced setter Li Runming and right attacker Yuan Zhi as the starting line-up at the second set. With the aggressive service by blocker Liang Chunlong and back-row attack by Yuan Zhi, China got ahead by 7-3 lead. Saudi Arabia was quite stubborn and they focused on defense, which gradually changeover the score to 9-8. A timely timeout called by head coach Xie Guochen stabilized the situation, and China continued to increase his points to 19-13 and to the end at 25-20.

In the third set, China was in a passive position for quite a long time till 10-14 behind. A timeout called by Xie again helped China stop the momentum of Saudi Arabia. They caught up to 18 and then 25 tie through Liang Chunlong and Yuan Zhi’s blocks. And Yuan Zhi’s experience at this critical moment contributed his team 2 winning points. China finally took a straight but tough win against Saudi Arabia.

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