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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Team effort key to China recovery, says Yu

China's coach Yu Juemin praised the way his "entire team came together" against Cuba

Cuba coach Juan Carlos Gala:
"First of all congratulations to the China team. Looking back at the game today, we took the first set because of good serving and offence but as I've seen in the past, the Chinese sometimes have problems to start with and bounce back well. Today was like that. They recovered very well and we could not perform. Our team members didn't respond well."

Cuba captain Yusidey Silie:
"First I'd like to congratulate the Chinese players. Looking back on the game today, all of our players were not performing well but we have another game coming up so we'll do our best moving forward.
(On tomorrow's game against the Netherlands) "Tomorrow will be our last game and we'll all come together and produce our best effort."

China coach Yu Juemin:
"In today's game we knew Cuba were strong. And we were especially aware of their height and knew we had to be careful. In the first set, we weren't performing well. But that didn't affect us in the second set and we recovered well. Our setter performed very intelligently, and used player number 6 (Zhou Suhong) especially well. The entire team came together and that's why we won today."

China player Zhou Suhong:
"We've played against Cuba in the past many times, and today we discussed the game beforehand and we thought that we'd win.
(On her scoring efforts) "This time with help and assistance from our middle players there were many balls that came to me. As a result I had many attacking opportunities and could put away a few points."

China player Zhang Xian:
"Today even though we won, it was a very different game. First, our start was not so good. Cuba were very strong in their defence, attack, and their overall power. But from the second set we started to put it together, and as a result we were able to win. Again, moving forward in the rest of the games we'll continue to do our best.
(On the World Championship) "I joined the national team four years ago, and I heard about this championship in the past and that is was tough. But I didn't think about that here. I saw tough teams in Osaka and after we lost two games, I knew it would be hard.
(On the first set) "Cuba's good serving in the first set was hard to deal with, but after that I think we recovered quite well."


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