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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
We didn't think Japan were strong, says Kim

Korea's top scorer with 20 points Yeon-Koung Kim (left) said she was disappointed with her game

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe:
"It was a big game for Japan today. The players were focused and played well. (Yeon-Koung) Kim is very tall so blocking her is very hard, but our reception was good today.
(On who leads the way in Asia) "China, Japan and Korea are all strong, but you also have the Thais, who are strong. I can't say who is the strongest.
(On overcoming Japan’s lack of stature) "Yes, the players aren't so tall, so we work on different parts of our game such as offence and precise play during the game.
(On checking his iPad during game) "We get more information as we play the game and today I was surprised at the success rate of (Yukiko) Ebata's spikes. I just wanted to make sure it was true.
(On the Russia game) "Our goal is to win more so we can get a medal. The Russians are tall, so defence will be the key tomorrow."

Japan player Saori Kimura:
"I'm happy with the win today. Our goal is to win a medal and we need to work very hard to achieve that."

Japan player Yoshie Takeshita:
"I'm happy about today, but we have a game against Russia tomorrow and we need to refocus on that game. Our offence was working well today and we started to serve well and our digging was good."

Japan player Yukiko Ebata:
"We didn't want to lose today, so as we won, I'm very happy. But we have to work hard for tomorrow as well. I had a slow start today, but as the game progressed I got back my rhythm, which I was glad about."

Korea coach Sam-Ryong Park:
"Today's game was disappointing. In the first set, we played well but in the end we couldn't get the points we needed and that handed the momentum to Japan. We also made careless mistakes that contributed to our loss. We made some mistakes with our service reception, but we had practised for Japan’s serves. Obviously, we need to improve on that so we can play better in the next game.
(On the Asian Games) "It's too bad Japan won't be sending the same team as today, but China and Thailand will be in the Asian Games. We play Thailand first, so we will focus on that. After this Championship, we will be tired, so we need to recover first to play well in the Asian Games."

Korea player Yeon-Koung Kim:
"We didn't think Japan were so strong, but we weren't at our best. We really wanted to win, but it didn't work out. We thought we could get more points off Japan and have a chance of winning the match, but we made errors on certain points and that's why we lost. Today, I couldn't show the best part of my game, so I'm disappointed with that."
(On Japan setter Takeshita) "Takeshita wasn't only good today, she's always good."


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