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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
We were trying to stop a hurricane - Terzic

Russia's top scorer with 18 points Ekaterina Gamova (far right) said that her side's attack "functioned well and that made reception difficult for Serbia. We blocked well also."
Serbia No. 7 Brizizka Molnar:
"It was a very easy game for the Russian team. We only played a bit in the first set, but after that we stopped. In the last few years, we've played Russia many times and had some good games, but today it was very bad."

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic:
"It's not a shame to lose against Russia because not one team has had a chance against them. But we shouldn't lose this way, that is a problem. In the first set we played OK – not so well, but good enough. After Russia started to play better, we stopped. This was a problem. Now, we are in a similar situation like after the game against Turkey, but we recovered from that and played a much better game against China. I hope we can play a good game against Korea tomorrow, because we really need it."

The first set was very close, but you called a timeout as soon as you went two points behind (at 13-11) – why? "There's an easy explanation for that. We played point-by-point in the first period of the first set, but usually when Russia starts to make a break in the scoring, they start playing like a hurricane and I tried to stop this with the timeout. From time to time you can make something with a timeout, but today we didn't. If you wait for Russia to get five or six points ahead, a timeout won't change anything."

Russia's top scorer with 18 points Ekaterina Gamova:
"We won 3-0, so for us it was a good game. Our attack functioned well and that made reception difficult for Serbia. And we blocked well, too. So, I'm happy with the result."

Is there any player from Japan that you will be wary of tomorrow? "I can't say there's any one player; we'll just prepare for the game as usual."

Russia coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin:
"Today, our game was very good and I have nothing to complain about. We focused on today's game, but mentally we are preparing for tomorrow's game, so it was a good game for us."

What were you telling your team in the first set? "We always make a game plan before the game and I yell at my team when things are not going as planned, but after that we recovered and the game went the way we wanted."

What does it mean to be first and winning all your games? "Being first doesn't mean that much right now. The important thing is to win the Championship, so we just play each game to win. We must win our games to win the Championship – and to please our fans. We don't want to lose our fans."

What is your game plan for the Japan match? "I think Japan are wonderful. All the members play well, but they are not as strong as Russia physically so I wish Japan luck. Regarding my game plan, I'm telling you at this moment."

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