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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Yu says team effort paid off for China

China coach Yu Juemin congratulates his players after their win over Poland

Poland coach Jerzy Matlak:
"It's very difficult to comment on a match like that. This was the worst we have played in the tournament so far, and it should have been one of the best as it would have opened the door to getting a higher rank at the end of the tournament. But it didn't turn out as expected and we didn't play the way we wanted to, especially after the second set when we were leading and lost in the end. After the second set, I think the players just went out to survive, not to fight. They'd lost their belief that they could win.

Poland player Agnieszka Bednarak-Kasza:
"It's very difficult to say anything after a match like this. It was a match we could have won, but we played really badly and lost, so it's difficult to come up with any comments.
(On the team’s mistakes and misunderstandings) "It's difficult to give a reason for that. We definitely wanted to win the match. We were really positive about it and in the locker room beforehand everything was good. And we especially wanted to win as it would have opened up the possibility of making the 5/8 classification round or even the last four. But we lost and it turned out a lot differently on the court, and I really don't have any answer for that."

China coach Yu Juemin:
"It was a very important game for China, but we played really well as a team. Poland are a strong team. We watched the Poland-Russia game and it was played at a very high level. But we had a day off and plenty of time to prepare for this game. We had a strategy of marking (Malgorzata) Glinka-Mogentale and (Anna) Werblinska and that worked very well. Our serving and receiving was good and we played with a lot of variety and concentrated well.
(On his team winning after days off) "If we have more time off, it's good for us, but our problem is with our ability, not the amount of time we have. We beat the Dominican Republic and Japan, and now Poland. That's three big wins. I think it came about as a result of having a strong mentality – everyone really wanted to win – and I think that's really good that we were able to manage that.
(On the fact it was a similar game as against Serbia yet the result was different) "I think Serbia were more relaxed and that made them stronger and we lost. The Poles seemed nervous and didn't play as well as a result. So, mentally we were the stronger team."

China player Wang Yimei:
"We were very prepared for today's game, especially how to block Poland's spikes, and we also did well in our blocking and receiving, especially in the second set when Poland were ahead. Winning that set was big.
(On the sport’s growth in China) "Volleyball in China is becoming very popular and many people are getting involved with it. There are many young players and the sport is growing. And we want to have a positive impact on young players. We want people watching and playing the sport to enjoy the game.
(On her use of spikes whether she plays off the cuff or if everything is planned) "My coach told me to use strong spikes and other techniques, so that was good for me, but I always need more time to get ready before playing a match.
(On her injury) "Volleyball players always have injuries of different kinds. My injury is not such a big problem, so it shouldn't be an issue tomorrow."

China player Zhou Suhong:
"We're very happy to win 3-0 against Poland, who are a strong team. We might have made some mistakes, but we did our best today. It was a very important win for us because if we had lost, we wouldn't have improved our final position.
(On China’s up-and-down form) "It's a very difficult question to answer. Of course, we always want to be at our best. We won today, but we still have problems. We go out in front and then let our opponents catch up. It was the same in the Serbia game. Sometimes we have limits on what we can do. We want to play our best, but we still have problems. We go into the lead and then let our opponents catch up. Other players in the world have very strong spikes. Wang Yimei is strong at home, but compared to Western players we need to improve. China's strength is in our speed and variety of techniques. I think we need to play at 80 per cent of our ability. If only one or two players play at 80 per cent of their ability, we can't win. The whole team needs to play at 80 per cent of their ability. Some of our best players have injuries and Asians can't compete in terms of height and physical strength, so we need to work harder than Western players. And if we play a lot, we get more injuries, so we need to rest more. It's important and the coach stresses this balance between work and rest."


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