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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
'We gave everything today' - Brakocevic

China coach Yu Juemin said that his players were "physically tired but they could play with less pressure"
China No. 6 Zhou Suhong:
"We started out very well today. We won the first set, but after that we blew quite a few chances to win points. We made many mistakes and couldn't fight through for the win. Today, Serbia played good Volleyball, their strong point was their height and it's quite difficult for us to overcome this. We led in the third and fourth set early on, but we didn't have rhythm and couldn't win. I hope that having faced this kind of problem, it will make us better. We were very inconsistent today. At times, we were good, but at other times we just couldn't get things together. If we are in good shape we can beat teams like Russia, but if we are down, we can lose to anybody. We made many errors and didn't receive well, while Serbia played their characteristic Volleyball."

China coach Yu Juemin:
"First of all, I would like to congratulate Serbia. We played against Japan last night and we were preparing for that game, so there was not enough time to prepare for this morning’s game against Serbia. The players were physically tired but they could play with less pressure. The jumping serves of Brakocevic were quite effective. The attacks of Serbia from the left side were also effective. Our combination was not as good as I wished, and Serbia easily caught up with us, which was the main reason why we lost the game."

Serbia No. 2 Jovana Brakocevic:
"After yesterday's match against Turkey, which we lost very badly, we tried to come back strong and tried to play as we did in the first pool. We did much better than yesterday. We didn't do very well in the first set but eventually got better in the second, third and fourth set. We tried to give everything today."

Serbia coach Terzic Zoran:
"It was a very difficult and important match for us. We lost the matches against Japan and Turkey thus it was very important to win and stay in good condition. We played much, much better than yesterday and that’s the reason why we won. I am satisfied with how we played, especially about the motivation. A lot of players showed that they can play better.

Q) How did you cheer the players up? How did you come back physically and tactically? "You cannot prepare physically and tactically, especially during the match. Yesterday after the match against Turkey, we prepared for the match against China very well. Though we played badly in the first set, we changed our tactics in serves and were able to play effectively and easily the rest of the match. If China made good reception, that would have made the game more difficult."


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