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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Croatia leave with heads held high - Poljak

Croatian Maja Polka blocking the way to Kazakhstan en route to a 3-0 victory
Croatia captain Maja Poljak:
"Today was a difficult match because we didn't have much of a chance to advance, so it was difficult to find the stimulation to play a match that doesn't have much importance for us. But I'm happy we left with our heads up and we gave our best to the very end. I'm sorry two wins probably will not be enough to continue with the competition. It's the first time for us to compete here and I'm really happy with the two wins, but as a person who always wants to win, I'm very unhappy to have finished our competition here."

Croatia coach Miroslav Aksentijevic:
"My captain said everything. It was a difficult match today because we were in a difficult situation after yesterday. I was very satisfied by the fact that we played at a very high level tactically and technically. We played with a lot of discipline and this brought us our second victory. I'm also proud of my girls because we came late to Japan and had many problems with jetlag. And after the Cuba game, we couldn't sleep enough and our performances were not good. I'm disappointed by this because I'm sure my team can play at a high level. 
Now our destiny is not in our hands, but we have a small chance to stay here. I'm sure this team in the future will be a great team and we will be able to stay at this very high level of Volleyball. I want to thank the FIVB and the local organisers; everything was perfect and it was an honour for me and my staff and everybody."

Kazakhstan captain Inna Matveyeva:
"This was our last game and it was the most difficult one, especially in our situation; we had to try and gather our forces together to fight this one out. It wasn't the game we wanted to display, but that's the result and there's nothing we can do about it.
(Q. Some members of the team won't be around next time; do you think they did everything they could this time?): I recognise that the average age of our team is quite high. I'm 32 now. But the team did their best and tried their hardest."

Kazakhstan coach Nelli Chsherbakova:
"I think it's true that most of the players won't be on the team next time around, but I think they could have done better here. I think every athlete should do everything possible for the team and I cannot say that was the case this time. I think they could have changed the flow of the game during the match, but they failed and I think one of the main reasons for this is their weak fighting spirit. Maybe you could say they made some small attempt to put on a display in their last match, but it wasn't enough. I think we have to rethink many things to make women's Volleyball in our country better. We have to think about many things. All the team members, the staff and the coaches have many regrets about our results and the mood in our camp is very low. But this is a good lesson for us. We will think about our mistakes and try to overcome them."

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