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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Dutch experience told, says Selinger

Press conference after the match Netherlands vs. Czech

Netherland’s coach Avital Selinger:
“I think the Czech Republic has a very strong with great athletic ability, a lot of height and power, very good setting. It’s not easy to play. They really can block well. If they serve well, which they did, we needed to play with patience. I think the first two sets we won because of the experience of most of our players. Don’t forget our setter is very young. Every time we play it is the first time she plays at this level. So it’s very nice that this time we could sustain the pressure and finish it off in the first two sets. It’s always difficult in the opening match, because everybody has hope. We can still go up a few notches, so this is very important for us. Eventually, in the third set, I liked the rhythm better. Overall I’m very satisfied with the result.”
“I usually work on all aspects of the game. But I think that the attack is a very dominant aspect of the game. Today our total attack was about 47 percent of the game, so I’m very happy about that. Our team is very capable of playing well. The team wants to play every day the best they can. Obviously everybody wants to win. I know that we can have in our margin of ability, we have the possibility of winning over all teams. We can also have off days and lose matches. It is very difficult to predict. So we will take it step-by-step. Today we made an important step to get to the second round.

Netherland’s captain Manon Flier
“We analyzed the play much better later in the match. We became more comfortable in the match and I thought we played very well.”

Netherlands player Kim Staelen

I'm very happy to be hear with my teamates in this big event and happy also to achieve this victory. We played well today and I hope to continue like that. 
Czech coach Jiri Siller:

“I feel bad. Our strategy was good serve and good defense. I think this Dutch team has a lot of experience in matches at the Grand Prix and European championships. We have not so much experience in matches as a whole team.”

Czech captain: Ivana Plchotova

We started playing good service and we succeeded to go point by point with Natherlands but after we didn't serve well and we became less concentrated


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