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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Germany stayed calm - Guidetti

Germany's coach Giovanni Guidetti praised the game of setter Kathleen Weiss
Germany coach Giovanni Guidetti:
I'm very satisfied with the performance of my team because we knew that Croatia have very good individual players with a lot of experience and play at a high level, and we know they are a team that can play well in competitions such as the World Championship. So I was worried about this match. The first set was complicated for us, but I have to congratulate my team, because they stayed calm. We just waited for the right moment. We played good Volleyball and put on a good performance. 
I also want to congratulate Kathy Weiss, who's playing a great World Championship; you know how important the setter is. She's managing the team very well and understands who is the right player at the right moment and that's something you can't teach. 

Germany captain Christane Furst:
It wasn't an easy match today because Croatia were fighting hard, and it was tough for us after losing to the USA. The team got through a difficult situation in the first set and we had players come in like Kathy (Radzuweit) and others who played really well, so I'm proud of that. 
(Re. Thailand match): I think it will be a difficult match. I remember from last year they are really well organised, with good defense and are not an easy team to play. We must concentrate to take balls from their attack, and we're going to have to play at a really high level and with all our power.

Croatia coach Miroslav Aksentijevic:
I want to congratulate the German team. They played well, especially in attack after defense. They played perfect defense and had a good transition into attack. We started the match with good team spirit. We'll try to recuperate for tomorrow and play better against Kazakhstan and try to stay in the competition. 

Croatia captain Maja Poljak:
I have to congratulate Germany because they played better than us. I have no doubts that they are a better team than us, but I'm very unhappy for how we played this match as a team. Hopefully, tomorrow we will get our heads back together to proceed with this competition, because we'd like to stay here as long as possible.

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