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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
'We made many mistakes' says Brazil's Guimaraes

Brazil's Jaqueline celebrates after the match and invited to the press conference

Brazil coach Jose Guimaraes:
“I don’t like so much this match. I think we played a bad match today. We made many mistakes. We have to prepare against Italy. We won this match but I’m not happy. I asked for a time-out at 11-10, because I didn’t like the concentration of my team at that moment. I think Fabiola did a better job (as setter) than Dani, this is the reason (for substitution).”

Brazil captain Fabiana:
“We had a lot of misses. We know we should not make mistakes during this tournament but we are still doing it. Even after the substitutes came in, we were still making them.”

Brazil player Jaqueline:
“Each day we are becoming better. Now we have to think about the Italy match because it’s a hard match tomorrow maybe to decide the next round. Our performance has been different depending on the day. We are a team that can do better. I need to raise my own level to help the team as well.”

Puerto Rico coach Carlos Cardona:
“I believe that today’s game was much better than yesterday’s, because I know it was very bad. We tried to improve everything we did. But we still could lose 3-0 to a great Brazilian team. There is a big difference in the level. We had some mistakes in our services, and we made about 30 errors. We were not doing so well, and they were doing better than what we were doing, especially at the net in zone four.”

Puerto Rico captain Vilmarie Mojica:
“We played better than the last game. We’re still making unnecessary mistakes and we have to improve our skills.”


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