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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Manabe: Japan were well focused today

Kaori Inoue (right) said Saori Kimura (left) is Japan's "one irreplaceable team member"

Costa Rica captain Verania Willis:
“I’d like to say congratulations to the Japan team, and good luck in the next match. Team Japan is very quick, and we’re not used to that pace. So it was a difficult match for us. Their serving was strong, and both individually and as a team, they are extremely strong. The reason we lost was because of their speed and their serving. I was also a little nervous because Japan is so strong.”

When when asked specifically who served well for Japan: “Saori Kimura and Yoshie Takeshita.”

Costa Rica coach Braulio Godinez:
“I’d like to wish Japan good luck in the next match. Japan played a perfect game both strategically and technically, and we learned a lot from them today. I had hoped we’d play better. Karen Cope and a few others played well, but we had few opportunities today, and those few chances, we couldn’t capitalize. Japan made almost no mistakes and played practically a perfect game.”

On actions needed for tomorrow: “There is much room for improvement. We have played Peru at least once a year for the past three or four years, so we know them well. Their combination of setter and spiker is very precise.”

Japan player Saori Kimura:
“It was a really good game today.”

On teammate Kaori Inoue: "She blocks well, and I hope I can continue to receive more balls that tip off her blocking.”

Japan player Kaori Inoue:
“Everyone’s serve was really good today”

On teammate Saori: “Her ‘catch-and-spike’ is strong, and her back-spike is great. She carries a great load but she handles it well. She is our one irreplaceable team member.”

On her blocking: “I could concentrate on blocking because I had team members on both sides for help that I could depend on.”“

Japan coach Masayosi Manabe:
“We were well focused today, and everyone’s performance was really good.”

On not holding Kimura back: “Since last year, I’ve been using her heavily, so I don’t really consider taking her out. She’s our main player.”

On Ebata’s back-attack: “Everyone on the side position can come in for back-attacks.”

On setter Yoshie Takeshita: “I think she is very stable in her toss, serve, defence... She's strong in all areas.”


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