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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Germany are tough to play - McCutcheon

L-R: Giovanni Guidetti and Christiane Fursch of Germany and Hugh McCutcheon and Jennifer Tamas of USA
USA coach Hugh McCutcheon:
"Germany are a tough team because they're good, they're well coached and they play with passion, so we knew it would be a battle today. I said to Guidetti after the match that I thought it had a strange rhythm to it as both teams were making unforced errors, which is uncharacteristic of both teams. Probably that speaks to the perceived importance of the match within the group.  I'm proud of my team who were able to turn some points down the stretch in the first and second sets, and we settled into a nice rhythm in the third set and were able to take advantage of a couple of plays. Happy to win and I'm looking forward to a day off."

USA captain Jennifer Tamas:
"It was really close over three sets. Germany is a really tough team to play as they play with pride and emotion, so we knew we had to be good at the service line and as passers. We were a little inconsistent at the beginning on our side. Now, we're just trying to gain momentum to take us through the tournament."

Germany coach Giovanni Guidetti:
"I'm actually proud of what my team did today, because we played two sets at a very high level. The United States I think are now in the top three in the world because they find great young talent and combine that with Logan Tom, Heather Bown and Stacy Sykora. We lost two sets on little, little details – that means my team played a good match, but we must learn from this match. We made little mistakes but if we can keep the level of the first two sets, we can win many other matches in this tournament."

Re the contribution of Logan Tom: "For me, it's normal. There's no other player that can play volleyball like Logan Tom. She has defense, she has blocking, she attacks from a hundred positions. When she plays bad, she makes perhaps one mistake in a match. I had the luck to coach her in Italy, but she never thanks me because she always beats me. She's the key player of this team. This year, I think every time Logan Tom was not there, they lost. When Logan Tom is there, they always win because one player is so important.  Logan and Bown were the most experienced players today and they made the difference."

Germany captain Christiane Furst:
"I think it was a great match against a really good team. The USA are getting better all the time. Today was a hard match. We did more mistakes in the small things, while they were really clever an stayed calm, so it was our fault today. We were unsure on little things for our attackers. They found their rhythm better than us. The first two sets were a good match, but then we lost our concentration."

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