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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Siller delighted with Czech 'concentration'

Czech captain Ivana Plchotova celebrating victory over Puerto Rico

Czech coach Jiri Siller:
"It was very strong concentration throughout from us. We wanted to win with our good service and good blocking. I know the Puerto Rica team have good players, and they have a new libero, so we tried to play to that. I am happy after this game."

Czech captain Ivana Plchotova:
"We began very well from the first point of our service. It set the tone for our success in the whole match. We were so quiet and we went patiently set after set, and it was all that we can do. Today we had the luck."

Puerto Rico coach Carlos Cardona:
"We were not at the level of our opponent. Everything went badly in all the aspects and fundamentals. So I have not much to say. There aren't plans to change, because the initial plans I had for this game weren't carried out properly. We made many mistakes and have to minimise that. We have to raise our level for the next games."

Puerto Rico captain Vilmarie Mojica:
"Today we didn't play like we were supposed to do. We expected to win this game and we didn't. We are practising very well but we are not doing it in the game. So we are not happy with the results."


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