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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Japan's Manabe: 'We have to fight as a team'

Japan's Megumi Kurihara said she felt she "wasn’t able to play that well in the third set”.

Japan coach Masayosi Manabe:
“Kurihara and Sakoda played better than expected, serving and spiking well. This was the first time for them to be in the starting lineup. This tournament is a hard schedule, so we have to fight as a team. And that’s why I put them in.”

Japan player Megumi Kurihara:
“The team was in good shape and it was great that we could play all three sets well until the end. But personally I felt I wasn’t able to play that well in the third set.”

Japan player Ai Yamamoto:
"Overall we were able to utilize our speed. I felt good attacking because their blocking was not so organized."

Japan player Saori Sakoda:
“Until now I didn’t pay much attention about where to place the ball, but now I can see and decide the placement. My spike was functioning well because the service reception and setting was good.”

Algeria player Faiza Tsabet:
“The first set we played well, after the second set we let the Japan team play their game. The third set was ok, but as you could see from the result it was all Japan’s game.”

Algeria coach Ikhedji Mouloud:
“First I’d like to congratulate the Japan team. Japan played fast, and in the second set we didn’t play well and that allowed Japan to take the lead. The Japan team is very strong I think. In the third set our rhythm came back, but Japan had the home advantage and much more experience than us. In the third set our setters and libero didn’t function very well.”


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