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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Matlak hopes victory will spur Poland

The top table during the press conference (from right to left): Costa's Rica's Karen Cope, coach Braulio Godinez and Poland coach Jerzy Matlak

Poland coach Jerzy Matlak:
"So there is not much to say but to start the Championship anew. I'd like to forget the two previous matches, and continue with victories to the finals. I hope that these narrow losses will be forgotten."

Poland player Anna Werblinska: "I'm very happy that we've won our first match in these championships and I hope this good luck will last, because we really want to play as much as possible here.
(On playing Peru next) "We have not worked on Peru yet with the statistics, but we plan to do so. We have one day off. I'm sure we'll start the match fully concentrated and we will try to play our best."

Costa Rica coach Braulio Godinez:
"Poland had a lot more preparation than us, and you can notice that on the court. They closed everything with blocking, we had no space. They served well, we and had trouble receiving. We just couldn't find much space in their court."

Costa Rica player Karen Cope:
"I'm a bit disappointed because I was expecting a little bit more from our team. At the end, for A or B reason, we couldn't do it against Poland. They're a very good team, they rarely make mistakes. Their serving was excellent against us. So that made it difficult for us to play our game. At the end Poland with their height and their strength were able to win against Costa Rica, so congratulations to them."



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