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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Second loss leaves Matlak ruing Poles' tough start

Poland coach Jerzy Matlak said: "This draw is difficult, but I can’t say it’s the reason for our loss. If you make too many mistakes yourself, you should question yourself."

Tokyo, Japan, October 30, 2010 - Serbia v Poland press conference

Poland libero Mariola Zenik: “We’re very sorry to have lost the second match in a row as it looked especially as like we had the advantage. We hope after we get to the second round these two losses will not affect our play in the Championship.”

Regarding Poland’s loss despite solid defense: “You do not win points off defense, and we lacked a counter attack.”

Serbia captain Jelena Nikolic: “It’s always a pleasure to win against Poland. It’s always hard to play against them. We continued to play even after the we lost the first set… I’m so proud of my team, especially our young players. They showed they can take responsibility in difficult moments of the match.”

Regarding improvements since Friday: “We played much better than yesterday, but we can’t compare the match against Costa Rica to the Poland team. I think today we served very well, and that can help out our blockers.”

Regarding their speed: “We are tall players and our coach insists for us to play as quickly as possible, but of course we can’t play as fast as some smaller teams. Our setter is playing very well this tournament.”

Poland coach Jerzy Matlak: “I think the match was very unstable today, because we had so little time to recover since the Japan match yesterday. Already at 3pm we had to stand against Serbia who played very well. We congratulate them.”

“I think the most important thing is that the team should clear our minds of our unlucky start. We have to remember we started against a strong host team, and today again against a strong team. This draw is difficult, but I can’t say it’s the reason for our loss. If you make too many mistakes yourself, you should question yourself. As for Anna Werblinska, she is under great pressure. She is the one who has to attack and score, and she is also attacked with serves. We had to use Werblinska, and I’d like to remind you that she is the player that was on the court for the entire match both yesterday and today.”

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: “Any team in the world who wins against Poland, their coach must be very happy, and I am. I am very proud of my girls and very happy because of this match.”

Regarding his strategy versus a tall Poland team: “If you play tall teams you must play quick and fast. Poland is a quality team not just tall. You must do all things well if you want to win. But first of all, you need to play fast.”


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