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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

 Match info | Press Conference
Our receiving was key, says Peru coach

Algeria's first match ever at an FIVB World Championships was a big learning experience

Tokyo, Japan, October 28, 2010 - FIVB 2010 Women’s Volleyball World Championship - Peru v Algeria press conference

Peru captain Leyla Chihuan: “We are happy to win this game we congratulate Algeria who were a strong team. We will go step by step, as it’s a long way through this Championship. This is just the beginning of our participation. We are not favorites, but we will keep working.”

“We competed against Japan in the World Grand Prix, and we know many things about Japan and have studied their games very carefully, we will work from today to prepare for this match.”

Peru coach Kim Cheol Yong: “This is my first time coaching this team in the World Championships, and I’m very happy to win this first game. It all starts with serve receiving, as long as we do that well we can pull it off and play strong as a team. The first part of our game went well, [regarding our] serve receiving, but not in third set. That’s one area that we would like to work on more.”

Looking forward to Japan tomorrow: “We think very highly of the Japanese team, they are very quick and fast and they make few errors. They are a very strong team but I believe there are areas where they are weak. I believe we have a good chance against Japan.”

Regarding Karla Ortiz: “She has a lot of possibilities and we think very highly of her.”

Algeria captain Narimene Madani: “This is the first time for Algeria to participate in the World Championships. It’s the first match of the tournament, and it’s difficult. We have to congratulate Peru and try to forget the result of first match. We will focus on the next match and go on.”

Algeria coach Ikhedji Mouloud: “I have to congratulate team of Peru on their victory. The result is disappointing, as we studied and prepared - I thought well - but couldn’t achieve what we’d expected. This is a long tournament and we have to start now with this defeat and create some momentum going forward.”


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