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2010 FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship - Japan
29 October - 14 November 2010

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Dutch go down as Brazil clip Flier's wings

Brazil were on top form as they beat the Netherlands in straight sets

Hamamatsu, Japan, October 31, 2010 – An inspired Brazil hammered the Netherlands in a surprisingly one-sided match (25-19, 25-18, 25-14) on the third day of first-round action in Pool B of the 2010 FIVB Women’s World Championship at the Hamamatsu Arena on Sunday.

Both teams had played five-set thrillers on Saturday, but Brazil seemed much fresher and on top of their game, with snappy attacks and better defence than in their previous matches. The Dutch could not sustain any attacking momentum, and their ace spiker Manon Flier missed serves and spikes after her record-setting performance against Italy a day earlier.

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Brazil came out firing on all cylinders in the first set, with Fabiola’s crushing spike taking them to a 10-5 lead. The Netherlands searched in vain for weaknesses in Brazil’s defensive rotation, but even Flier was at a loss and the Dutch fell behind 14-7 after Fabiana put away an easy spike. With his team appearing flat after their brilliant effort on Saturday, Dutch coach Avital Selinger called a timeout at 18-7. But Brazil merely continued with their stunning display, which was punctuated by a backcourt missile from Sheilla. Flier’s right-wing spike at 22-10 sparked something of a rally from the Dutch, and Maret Grothues’ serve caught the line to make it 22-14. Some more close calls gave the Netherlands a glimmer of hope but they finally conceded the first set at 25-19.

Brazil’s excellence continued in the second set and they took a 4-1 lead. Jaqueline dived to retrieve Flier’s deadly backcourt spike, and she then stonewalled another at close quarters to give her team a 7-4 lead. Brazil’s cross-court spikes continued to find holes in the Dutch defence and they stretched their lead to 12-7.  Flier then missed a wide spike and the Dutch couldn’t handle Natalia’s deep spike, as Brazil seemed the fresher of the two teams. Brazil maintained five and six-point leads, Sassa’s slicing serve catching the Dutch sleeping. Flier’s diving effort out of bounds woke her team up, and her serving took them to 22-17, but Brazil won 25-18 for a commanding two-set advantage.

In the third set Fabiana’s excellent play led Brazil to an early 3-1 lead. Chaine Staelens then served very long, giving Brazil a 7-3 lead, and Brazil’s block gave them an imposing 11-3 lead. With fans in the large crowd pounding their drums and chanting “Bra-zil, Bra-zil”, everything seemed to be going the way of the South Americans. Flier even fell backwards and flailed a spike into the net. Flier and young setter Laura Djikema then mis-communicated on an attack, giving Brazil a 15-6 lead, and although the Dutch didn’t give up, with four players chasing a ball out of bounds at one stage, Brazil ran out comfortable enough winners.

After a one-day break, the Netherlands will play Kenya on Tuesday, while Brazil will face Puerto Rico.


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