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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
We were united like a family – Giba

Brazil celebrate during the awarding ceremony following their third consecutive FIVB Men's World Championship

Robertlandy Simon, Captain of Cuba: “Today was not our best day but in the future we will continue working to be among the top three teams in the world. Brazil played at a high level and we need to learn to play in this kind of matches where you have to do or die.”

Giba, Captain of Brazil: “We played united as a team and as a family and that’s the reason for our victory. This world championship means a lot to me since is the last one, so the celebrations will stay with me for a lifetime. We need to work hard for next year’s World Cup and also for the Olympic Games, the highest event for any athlete.”

Orlando Samuel, Coach of Cuba: “Congratulations to Brazil and also congratulations to my team because we achieved many victories against very difficult opponents. It was hard for many of our young players to play in the final match against such experienced team as Brazil. It was a great match for Brazil and our worst match in the whole tournament.”

On what need Cuba to improve:

“Our biggest difficulty is that our national championship only last three weeks and we do a lot of physical work but can’t do much from the technical and tactical point of view. Maybe we need a longer league. That’s our main problem because it is difficult for a player to develop without playing regularly.”

Bernardo Rezende, Coach of Brazil: “We have played a great match against a great squad. I am very happy about how our team reacted and the strong performance from (Leandro) Visotto. Cuba’s young team had to play against very strong opponents and we also had to control some emotions. We have had some problems during the tournament but we finished playing a good match.”

On the long domination by Brazil:

“I think the key is that we only focus on the next tournament as the most important one no matter the previous victories. With that in mind they have reasons to keep working harder. I don’t keep track about the numbers.”


Flash quotes from Mixed Zone

Rodrigao (Brazil): “I am ecstatic to have won this third gold medal in a World Championship. We played an exciting final without ever allowing Cuba to gain momentum. This is a great result for me and all of Brazil, but now our next goal is the Olympics in London."

Dante (Brazil): “This is my third title, and it is an incredible joy for me once again. Our team is capable of resolving difficult situations and this is probably one of the secrets of our success."

Bernardinho (Head coach Brazil): “We took command of the match from the beginning by imposing our rhythm . This is an incredible group, capable of bettering itself with hard work and practice. With this victory we are now tied with Italy that has also collected three world titles, and who in the past have been our role model."

Raul Diago, President of Cuba National Federation: “The silver medal means a lot to Cuban men’s volleyball since we have equaled the best ever performance in our history, and that was 20 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But something very singular and peculiar is that our team is the youngest in the championship with an average of 22.2 years-old.”

Orlando Samuel Coach of Cuba: “The team was tired and we didn’t recover from last night. We have played four matches of five sets and that’s a lot. But I am very happy and proud of my team. We went over all of our expectations and goals.”

Robertlandy Simon, Captain of Cuba: “Today’s match was our worst in the tournament. We also had a bad game against Serbia in the early rounds but not like today. We couldn’t do anything. We tried to serve harder and that didn’t work. Brazil played great. The silver medal means a lot for us and in the future we can do better.”

Wilfredo Leon, Player of Cuba: “Brazilian rhythm was much better than the first time we faced them and that’s normal, because it was during the first part of the event and teams get going after playing some matches. I think is a big credit to our favor to finish second in this tournament held every four years as we also face the situation of not playing enough international matches.”


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