Monday, 25 June 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
Giba: 'It will be fantastic to face the home team'

Time for Brazil to celebrate after beating Germany.

Germany, Andrae Bjorn (Captain): Today we did not give our best performance. Brazil played well, dominating the match and not allowing us to get into it.  It is difficult to play against an experienced team like Brazil. We have to learn from this defeat. We are a young team and will have ample time to gain maturity and experience.

Brazil, Giba (Captain): We played very well, and were technically precise. We watched many videos to study our opponent, so we were prepared to face them.  Now we need to relax and focus on the semifinal.  Italy have an excellent blocking mechanism and defense. It will be fantastic to play against the home team in this particular venue.

Germany, Raul Lozano (Head Coach): Today was not our best match, since we encountered some difficulties in reception, and had little space to attack. We had to gradually steal points in each set to narrow the gap. It was impossible to pick up the pace and this aspect made us uncomfortable. We've played Brazil other times in the past, but it is quite different when you play in a World Championship. One learns from one's defeats. It wasn't fear that caused our defeat, just technical errors. I want to congratulate the Brazilian team.

Brazil, Bernardinho (Head Coach): I want to congratulate Raul Lozano.  His team are new and young, and were probably quite nervous in playing this championship.  We were decisive and in total control, but now we have to relax, and think about the next match.

Comments from the Mixed Zone

Christian Dunnes (Germany): Brazil played a good match and deserved to win. We did the best we could to arrive at this point. The opponents applied the pressure immediately which stopped us from playing 100 per cent, even though our 100 per cent would not have defeated Brazil today.

Robert Kromm (Germany): Brazil played well and served in an exceptional manner. They were effective even in blocking and defence. We never had the opportunity to change the course of the match and express our full potential.

Murilo Endres (Brazil): With respect to the match with the Czech Republic, we made fewer errors and took command of the situation immediately, dictating our pace. Germany were not at their usual level, due to the fact that the players were tired from yesterday's match. Now we have two days to work to prepare for the semifinal on Saturday.

Dante Amaral (Brazil): Even today, despite our victory, we handed over some points to our opponent. This cannot be done during the next matches which will be decisive. We are in excellent physical condition and will be in top shape for the semifinal.



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