Friday, 20 April 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

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We start another story in Modena, says Bagnoli

Russian Dmitriy Muserskiy uses his height advantage to force Argentina's Sebastian Sole to alter his shot

Valery Komorov (Russia player): We played well tonight, our team were good in the serve, block and spike. Service was very important in the match. We have to fight for fifth place. We played well in the tournament but did not like our result against Serbia in this round.

Rodrigo Quiroga (Argentina captain): Congratulations to the Russians. Today we couldn't play well and our receiving was not good. They dominated for all the match but now we have to think ahead to the next games.

Daniele Bagnoli (Russia coach): For us today it was not easy to play. Yesterday it was a great disappointment but our championship will continue and we'll do our best. Yesterday we lost against Serbia even if my team were in good physical shape. Now we start another story and we will face strong teams in Modena.

Javier Weber (Argentina coach): Congratulations to Russia. We played our worst match in this World Championship tonight. It can happen sometimes, but I am sad about it. We have a young team, now we have to finish what we started at the beginning of this competition."


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