Friday, 3 April 2020
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

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'Puerto Rico scored from some incredible situations'

Lefty Jose Rivera scored 21 points to lead Puerto Rico

Australia captain Benjamín Hardin: “I am a little bit disappointed because I think we had chances of winning the first two sets but the experience of Puerto Rico allowed them to score key points. They played really good defence and scored some points in incredible situations. When that happens several times it creates problems for the other side. We have to keep fighting for the rest of the tournament.”

Puerto Rico captain Hector Soto: "It was not a good match at the beginning with many service errors but we were more aggressive and put some pressure on them. Being the first match we have a lot to improve and we are looking forward to playing better against Cameroon tomorrow.”

Australia coach Russell Borgeaud: “Our captain put it very well. We had very good chances in the first two sets but Puerto Rico is a quality team with a lot of experience. In some areas we are a very young squad and we need to continue to work.”

Puerto Rico coach Carlos Cardona: “I think we still need to work more to be competitive against teams of a higher level. Australia is a very young team with only one experienced player. Our team is adjusting to work with a new setter Fernando Morales who was a little nervous on his debut at this level."


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