Thursday, 24 May 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

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We expected a tough match against Cameroon - Svoboda

Cameroon players respond appreciatively to the fans they won over in Pool L in Ancona, Italy

Czech Republic coach Jan Svoboda: "We expected a tough match. Cameroon played very well yesterday. Our team was better in attack and in defence. We weren’t thinking about our place in the round, we were thinking only about maintaining a level of excellence. We waited 20 years to play against the 12 best teams and we’re happy to be in this place."

Czech Republic captain Jan Stokr: "We’re happy to have beat Cameroon but we’re more content with the quality and the level of the game we played. Now we’re going to Rome and I know we’ll face some hard teams. We have a record of 4-1 and hope to continue well."

Cameroon captain Jean Patrice Ndaki Mboulet: "For us this is a great moment to be here in the press conference. A few months ago no one would have ever thought we would be in the second phase, playing against the USA and the Czech Republic. I hope this shows to the world that not only do we play soccer in Cameroon but volleyball as well. I hope this is a great start to the history of volleyball in Cameroon."

Cameroon coach Peter Nonnenbroich: Congratulations to the Czech Republic. They played well and were well organized. My compliments. We gave everything yesterday and now we’re playing again less than 20 hours later. We had our opportunity yesterday and now we’re tired because of the effort we made during the last match. Our players were not as much physically tired as mentally.  Our players were receiving phone calls all throughout the night from Cameroon. I looked into their eyes this morning and I knew what was happening. Even though they didn’t say it, they knew the championship was over. We hoped to have some fun and entertain the public, but we knew it was over." 


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