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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
We were too impatient - Blain

A big blow for France, top scorer Antonin Rouzier suffers an ankle injury in the third set which could rule him out of the tournament

Milan, October 1, 2010 - Japan v France press conference

Japan coach Ueta Tatsuya: We mostly had problems with Antiga’s serve. We tried to contend with the speed and variability but it was very difficult.

Discussing Takaaki Tomimatsu’s substitution: There were some problems with serves but the biggest problem was the block.

Discussing some changes in order to do better in the next match against Argentina: We will have to be careful on defence and be able to try and look after the spikes of Conte and Quiroga. The block could be the deciding weapon of the match.

Japan captain Kota Yamamura: If we had won today, we would have been just ahead. Unfortunately we lost the match but there will be another one and we will do the best work we can.

France coach Philippe Blain: This win can become very important in order to reach the third round. I’m afraid for Rouzier’s ankle injury, probably he will not continue his playing in this FIVB Men’s World Championship. I’m not really satisfied with the quality of the game, we were too impatient and this is not a good Volleyball feature.

Discussing Rouzier’s replacement Vadelaux: He is a very good player but he can do better if he plays the game from the beginning. I’m sure that in the next match he will play better than today.



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