Saturday, 26 May 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

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Spain's Velasco gives credit to Iban Perez

Spain's Iban Perez compiled 30 points for Spain and was praised by coach Velasco

Russia captain Sergey Makarov: “We played very well in the first two sets but then our reserve players didn’t maintain the level and unfortunately we lost the match.”

Spain captain Julian Garcia Torres: “We played very good and it is an important victory for us and our goal to continue in the tournament. Russia is a very strong team with very good serves. We tried to play and got the reward because we tried to do the best possible.”

Responding to a question from the media about the efforts of Russia:

“Everyone must play for the victory if they didn’t play to the most of their abilities I don’t know.”

Russia coach Daniele Bagnoli: “I believe all my players support me. To play in the next phase is the objective and the victory over Puerto Rico allows us to go to the next level. You try to win the most important games to win the world championship.”

Responding to a question related to the same issue:

“We have played the same way against Puerto Rico and nobody questioned then. I know my squad and I am giving space to everyone and we have won the first par of the war. The goal is to advance to the next phase and I have to adjust to the designed formula for the good of my squad. The matches against the teams from first to fifth are the ones that will count at the end. I have to save the important players. The championship is won by the team that finishes first.”

Spain coach Julio Velasco: “What I told my players is to learn from the big teams like Brazil, Cuba, Russia and that a weaker team has to play to win against those sides because if you don’t then you don’t learn. Russia made it hard for us with their jumping and floating serves during the first two sets and I changed a receiver and the setter. We started to think about winning and we continued to play with good reception and a great job from our opposite (Iban Perez). I also think that it is not fair to ask my captain if Russia played to win or not. What I can say is that I never play to lose and I never will do that in the World Championship or the Olympic Games.”

About the motivation for the match against Egypt:

“I have been telling my team all summer that I was convinced that we could finish among the top 12. But it is easier to play well against big teams than against teams of the same level. Egypt is a team of our level, even though they have played in the World League. The most important goal for Spain is to go to the next round which secures a place among the top 12. So tomorrow is Day-D for us.”


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