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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
Azair - “We know we are a competitive team and could do well in this World Championship”

The coaches during the press conference

Reggio Calabria, Italy, September 27, 2010 - Mexico v Venezuela press conference.

Mexico coach Jorge Lopez Azair: "I am very happy for the win. We played very well. We know we are a competitive team and could do well in this World Championship. We want to honour our nation in this competition. I congratulate my players for the performance. We played a game a much more disciplined than Venezuela. Our opponents performed well to put us in difficulty with their attacks, but our defense managed to stop them."

Mexico captain Gerardo Contreras: "I am pleased about the success. The game was very important to take the next step. Our team is growing both tactically and mentally. We are proud because we are helping to lead our Nation in the history of volleyball World Championship."

Venezuela coach Gilberto Herrera: "The game today was very different from the previous two. We played a better, but not sufficiently to a World Championship. Our team had ability and skills, but they have not been demonstrated. So the outcome of the match was not a surprise. Unfortunately we have not made a correct preparation. This team worked together only 10-12 weeks. I am a coach with many years of experience and I am convinced that these guys can grow in the future. I congratulate Mexico as a very strong team."

Venezuela captain Luis Diaz: "It was a very difficult game. We have proven to be a competitive team, but at this level this is not enough. We must fight from start to the end for winning the game. I want to congratulate Mexico. We played against them recently, but today I found a completely different team. I'm sorry for the defeat because it means that we will out of this competition."


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