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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
The better physical condition helped Cameroon’s victory

Jean Patrice Ndaki of Cameroon during the press conference following his side's win over Australia

Modena, Italy, September 27, 2010 - Australia v Cameroon press conference.

Australia captain Benjamin Hardy: “I am disappointed because we are not going to the next round but Cameroon played better than us ad we couldn’t maintain the rhythm of the first set. Cameroon picked up from the second set on and got the confidence. We tried a few things but couldn’t stop their attack.”

Cameroon player Nathan Wounembaina: “Despite our slow start we played a good game. Australia played a good first set but we proved to be in a better physical condition and that was a key as the match progressed. I want to thank the fans of Modena for the support they gave us during our stay here.”

Cameroon player J.P. Ndaki: “We played with our hearts out. It was a difficult match as we anticipated after watching the videos of Australia against Russia and Puerto Rico. Thank to Modena for the support.”

Australia coach Russell Borgeaud: “Congratulations to Cameroon. Their attack was very strong and we struggled trying to stop them. There are no excuses as we are in the World Championship. We started quite well but then Cameroon improved and played better than us.”

Cameroon coach Peter Honnenbroich: “This is a pretty emotional and you can’t imagine what this win means for the people in Africa. It is the first time Cameroon wins a match in the World Championship. Thanks to my players for trying so hard (he chokes a little and eyes are filled with tears, but then recovers). “Our better condition was a factor. It was a do-or-die match and we won.”


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