Friday, 20 April 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
We soldiered on in order to pass the round - Yamamura

I know it was a difficult pool because Iran, Japan and Egypt are teams whose level is not that different - Giacobbe

Japan coach Ueta Tatsuya: "Japan started playing in the middle of the match.  Uyeyama and Tomimatsu were key members of the match and when they came on to the court the situation changed completely."

Discussing the Japanese performance so far:
"The main problem was finding a setter since two players were injured and just one of them could train. We could not rely on the best options and this was reflected in the mood of the team that did not have the opportunity to jumpstart."

Japan captain Kota Yamamura: "There are many reasons for today’s win, among them the wonderful atmosphere of the members of the team, furthermore serving and blocking were key points for the match."

Discussing this event compared to the Olympic Games and the improvement of Japan:

"I think we have had time to watch the matches and we realized all teams improved, we definitely improved on the physical point of view. When game techniques and physical building up will match, we will definitely reach higher standards."

Discussing how it was possible to change the atmosphere after yesterday’s defeat:

"I know my players knew that we still had an important chance to change the situation, we soldiered on in order to pass the round. The group is always the key."

Egypt coach Antonio Giacobbe: "As I said yesterday, I knew it was going to be a difficult match. I actually saw two different matches: we were able to control the situation in the first part, then the Japanese team really improved and started making important points, creating many problems to our reception through really good serving. Our main goal was to qualify, when we realized we managed it, we were definitely assisting the match from a different point of view.

Japan and Egypt have two completely different playing techniques, I do think they are both very good teams and they can both play really well. Last year in Cairo, we managed to win against Japan but Japan could not rely on Shimizu, while tonight he was fundamental for them. Shimizu never served in the court yesterday, while tonight he definitely created many problems to our reception and, as you know, we lost by just two points therefore the situation was not that different. I know it was a difficult pool because Iran, Japan and Egypt are teams whose level is not that different and I knew this was going to create us problems. I am really happy that we managed to qualify as we won against Iran.


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