Saturday, 23 June 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
A match full of emotion - Vermiglio

Italy coach and captain Andrea Anastasi and Valerio Vermiglio

Egypt captain Ashraf Aboulhassan: Congratulations to the Italian team, we knew they are a very strong team. I think today we did not do our upmost, we had two players injured and we did not manage to focus properly during the entire match.

Egypt coach Antonio Giacobbe: if we analyze this match on the technical point of view, we definitely made more mistakes than other matches, but we must find the cause. We had to play 100% every single point if we wanted to succeed over the Italian team. We could have made less mistakes but this would be the result of a longer improving project that has to be carried on over time. I feel really sorry for my player that got injured. The other player that I already had to change is still facing some problems, and this is creating me many problems.

Discussing the following match:
Japan is a very good team, it is important to focus for every single match as new elements crop up every single day. Trainers know that even if you prepare your players for every aspect, they have to be able to perform anyway if something they are not ready for comes up. That is why I want to prepare in detail tomorrow’s match.

Italy captain Valerio Vermiglio: It was a match full of emotion, and today’s competition was also very important for us. We did not play at the same level as yesterday, I think we achieved to focus when concentration seemed to fall apart. We made more mistakes than yesterday but we managed to succeed.

Talking about the third set: We did not realize the score was really close, we probably underestimated the situation but we managed to focus again and we cruised to victory.

Italy coach Andrea Anastasi: We have not finished our path in Milan, we must not lose concentration, as it seemed to be happening in other pools in Italy. After these two matches, we can start physical training again tomorrow in the morning, we will compete again tomorrow night and then we might fly to Catania where the second pool will be held. As you know, we must wait for the final points results, that is why I do not want to consider Catania as our certain next destination.


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