Thursday, 26 April 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
Proud after historic achievement - Nadi

Nadi: "I'm happy and proud of my team after this historic achievement. Thanks to our supporters who helped us here in Milan"

Japan captain Kota Yamamura: I personally believe that Iran's blocking played a key role and we did not manage to perform as good as usual due to that. We still have a chance tomorrow, we must focus for tomorrow’s match in order to pass to the second round.

Japan coach Ueta Tatsuya: We made many mistakes, in particular in reception and attack, we did not manage to find the right gear.

Discussing the fact that Japan did not qualify for the World League last year and this year: Unfortunately many players got injured, we had to play without our captain and setter and this did not help our performances. Japan trained physically and did not meet the expectations, if we compare today’s team with some years ago, there are definitely huge differences. Japanese people are usually thinner and have to train harder in order to gain the same physical power other teams have, that is why we are trying to build up our players between the Beijing and London Olympic Games.

Iran coach Hossein Madani: This is the first win for our team at the World Championship. We did not start well the first set, but we managed to change the situation and we fought up to the end of the match and succeeded. I am really happy and proud of my players.

Discussing how achieving good results might help Volleyball in Iran: Iran has a professional league with many players and coaches and this victory can definitely boost the practice of Volleyball in our country.

Iran captain Alireza Nadi: I'm happy and proud of my team after this historic achievement. We had the strength to stay in the game after the unsuccessful match against Egypt. Thanks to our supporters who helped us here in Milan and congratulation to the Japanese team. Unfortunately they made some mistakes that was the difference


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