Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

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Bulgaria happy to win despite errors

Bulgaria celebrate during victory over China on the opening day of Pool E in the 2010 FIVB Men's World Championship

Bulgaria captain Vladimir Nikolov: "I would like to say that I'm happy for the victory. We know that we are strong. We feel powerful in a physical way. But it wasn't easy. The pressure was high and China played a great third set blocking and defending in a great way. It will be very important to beat France. It will be a very hard game for us and for them."

China captain Qiong Shen: “Congratulations to Bulgaria. It wasn't easy to play in that match. A lot of my team-mates were playing their first match in a World Championship. The crowd was full of Bulgarians, and our opponents played technically good Volleyball. We hope to be stronger tomorrow.”

Bulgaria coach Silvano Prandi: “We are happy, we won the match. It was important, but neither team played good Volleyball. There were a lot of errors on both sides, but the good news is that we won. I hope that tomorrow we will play better in a very important match."

China coach Zhou Jianan: “Today we played our first match and the players gave everything. But we played against the best team in the pool and we felt the pressure. The Bulgarian attacks were very strong, so we tried to force the serving to improve exert our own pressure.”

Bulgaria's top scorer Matej Kaziyski: “It was a great first step in the championship, and also a very important match and a great game. I'm very pleased with the Bulgarian supporters, they were fantastic. Tomorrow's match will be very important to the outcome of the pool, we hope it will be a great game and, why not, a victory for Bulgaria.”


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