Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

Photo gallery | Third round
No Teams Date City Country Photos
55 FRA-USA 4/10/2010 Rome Italy View
56 SRB-ARG 4/10/2010 Florence Italy View
57 CZE-BRA 4/10/2010 Rome Italy View
58 ESP-BUL 4/10/2010 Florence Italy View
59 USA-ITA 5/10/2010 Rome Italy View
60 RUS-SRB 5/10/2010 Florence Italy View
61 GER-CZE 5/10/2010 Rome Italy View
62 CUB-ESP 5/10/2010 Florence Italy View
63 ITA-FRA 6/10/2010 Rome Italy View
64 ARG-RUS 6/10/2010 Florence Italy View
65 BRA-GER 6/10/2010 Rome Italy View
66 BUL-CUB 6/10/2010 Florence Italy View

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