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FIVB World Championships 2006 / Hungary - Men

2006 Men's World Championship / First Round
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
13-15 May 2005

Match Descriptive

Slovenia beat Hungary 3-1 (25-20, 18-25, 27-25, 25-21) - duration 1:58
15-May, start time: 17:30, end time: 19:28 - Attendance: 600
City: Tiszaujvaros ; Hall : Sportcentrum
The host team lost
The Hungarian team played better in the first and the second days as the Slovenian group, so the host team was the probable winner. In the first set Hungary played imprecisely, the services weren't so good, and the protection was bad too. The Slovenians exploited the Hungarian mistakes, they attacks were strong, played concentrated, and the result was equal at the beginning of the finish. In the last few rallies the Slovenians were very clever, and won the set.
The game of the first set continued in the beginning of the second one, so Slovenia played better. Later Hungary cancelled the difference, it had got a little luck, and the counter-attacks got well. The finish of the period wasn't exciting, because the Hungarian team won, and the difference wasn't little, so the result was 1:1.
In the third period, the receptions were bad in the Hungarian side, the Slovenian setter played well, but - on the other side - the Spanish champion - Péter Veres was bad. The head coach György Demeter tried to refresh his team, Tamás Szekeres went out, and the Hungarian champion István Bánhegyi changed him. The Hungarian team played with a lot of mistakes, the finish was unbelievable exciting, in the last rally, Dömötör Mészáros made his umpteenth mistake, so the very good Slovenian team won the period.
In the continue Slovenia played in the same as in the first three set, but the Hungarian group was bad. They showed undecided receives, powerless attacks and leaky blocks. There were a lot of situations, when Veres and his team-mates just looked at the ball, and it touched down. The teamwork was very bad, the engaging Slovenian team won the match, and it can travel to the second round of the World Championship qualification, to Tampere (Finland).