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FIVB World Championships 2006 / Hungary - Men

2006 Men's World Championship / First Round
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
13-15 May 2005

Match Descriptive

Slovenia beat Moldova 3-0 (25-23, 25-23, 25-21) - duration 1:21
13-May, start time: 15:30, end time: 16:51 - Attendance: 50
City: Tiszaujvaros ; Hall : Sportcentrum
Slovenia won the first game against Moldavia
The probable winner Slovenia began well in the first set, but in the middle of the set it had a bad series, and the ardently and very clever adversary equalized. After 23:23 the Slovenians didn't make mistakes, so they won (25:23).
In the second game the teams copied the first one. Right at the start was big difference, because the Mildavians played surprisingly sleepy. After few minutes - than in the first game - they got well and fell into line with the other team, but in the finish, the Slovenian team played exactly, and won again. (25:23).
The third set was the last one, because the Slovenians led from the beginning to the end. The Moldavian players showed a few good things, but the adversary was perfect, concentrated well, and won.