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2006 Men’s World Championship - Portugal

Portugal preparing to host World Championship tournament with Russian competition

May 8, 2005 - The Portuguese national men’s side, coached by Orlando Samuels, will carry out a period of training with the Russian team of VC Neftyanik, who will be visiting the country from May 8-15, in preparation for the 2006 Men’s World Championship second round tournament, which will be held from May 20-22 in Vila do Conde.

Four matches will be played between the two teams, which will act as a great warm up to not only the 2006 Men’s World Championship but also the 2005 World League, which starts on May 27.
Pic: Portugal’s most recent performance in an FIVB international tournament was the 2004 World League where they finished 13th
Portugal will face Latvia, Austria and Estonia in the World Championship tournament, with the winner advancing to the third round where Serbia and Montenegro and Greece and another second round side will be waiting. The runner’s up with also advance but to another group, where Russia, Poland and another unconfirmed second round team await.