FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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Javad says Iran is a very united team

Iran's captain Mohammad Javad see a very united team as they move to Mexicali

Tijuana, Mexico, July 1, 2013 – Mohammad Javad, captain of Iran, was in a very happy mood at the post-game press conference held after the match they won against Rwanda on Monday afternoon.

The reason for the attitude of Javad was that every member of the Iranian team had the opportunity to play and contribute at least one point to the victory.

Mohammad Javad, captain of Iran: “The thing that makes me happy is that the twelve players took part in the match and that’s good for team-spirit. That was a good thing to do.”

Jacques Irakundura, captain of Rwanda: “We have played a good game, tried our best and also gotten the experience.”

Iraj Mozaffari, coach of Iran: “Startinn the next phase all the matches are important for all teams. We go to Mexicali tomorrow to play Egypt who has been there four days. It is not fair but we will be ready. We trained in Mexicali last week just for the guys to see the venue and to have an idea. We have to play at noon on Wednesday…but no problem, all is part of the sport.”

Jean Marie Vianney, coach of Rwanda: “When you lose is not good, but playing a team like Iran is different because you get the experience. That’s the lesson learned during the tournament.”

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