Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Barbolini praises Aguero on return

Taismary Aguero enters the field of play for the first time in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Comments from captain Eleonora Lo Bianco and coach Massimo Barbolini of Italy, and Kazakhstan's captain Yelena Pavlova and Viktor Zhuravlev:

Eleonora Lo Bianco, captain of italy

On the match:

"We played a good game this morning. Our opponents created some trouble for us, but fortunately we overcame those obstacles and the outcome was good."

"This has put us in a good psychological state for our future matches."

On how teammate Taismary Aguero (ITA) is feeling:

"The team are very sad that Aguero has lost her mother. She is now back in the competition. She is an excellent player and knows how to deal with difficult situations."

"Aguero is an important team member and we have been playing together for a longtime. I believe her return will make us better."

Massima Barbolini (ITA) - coach

On the match:

"We have continued to play good volleyball and have won again. Like our match with Russia, we played with attention, good defence and few mistakes, and we did so for nearly the entire match."

On Aguero's return:

"Aguero came back and she has participated in training sessions. Of course, she is facing difficulties, psychological and physical, because she has spent so much time on planes and is very tired. But she is recovering her rhythm and balance quickly. She is also encouraged by our victory over the Russian team."

"Aguero ia an excellent player and courageous in facing the loss of her dear mother."

Yelena Pavlova (KAZ) - captain

On the match:

"We have not played very well today. We have made many mistakes and errors. We did not play to our full potential."

Viktor Zhuravlev (KAZ) - coach

On Kazakhstan's matches so far:

"Our team has not played well in the Olympic Games so far. Being for the first time at the Olympic Games, our team was a little nervous, and the more nervous they are, the worse they play. After each match, we will try to identify the problems and not repeat them."

On the match today:

"The second set was bad and the third set was even worse."

On kazakhstan's close five-set match against Russia in the 2007 World Grand Prix and their next preliminary match against them on Wednesdasy"

"The Grand Prix is not a part of the Olympic Games, it is only a test of the team. So you can use substitutes and replace the most valuable players."

"Last year, I think Russia underestimated our team and they did not use their best players. But the Olympic Games are different. Any error will lead to fatal consequences and you will not play in the quarterfinals or semifinals."

" I believe in the Olympic Games, Russia will play their best and it will be a real challenge for us."