Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Serbia beat Algeria in Women's Volleyball

Serbia's Maja Ognjenovic sets

Comments from Serbia's captain Vesna Citakovic and coach Zoran Terzic and Algeria's captain Narimens Madani and coach Mouloud Ikhedji after Serbia beat Algeria on Monday.

Serbia's captain Vesna Citakovic

On the match:
"the hardest thing is to play a game when you are the clear favourite. This is our first game playing against Algeria. They know how to play Volleyball because most of the players are playing in France, so we knew we had to concentrate, especially when we are playing at such as early hour."

On their next match against Brazil:
"Brazil is a team with great quality. So far we are not that lucky playing against Brazil, but that does not mean we can not beat them. We have two day rest before we play against them, and we can play an equal game against them. (But) they had a truely excellent game at the Grand Prix. I hope that they are not in such great shape right now."

On Algeria's performance:
"When we watched each player by themselves, (we thought) they probably would not be able to reach 10 points. But as a team they played well."

Serbia Head Coach Zoran Terzic

On the match:
"On one hand this was a very important game for us because pratically it means we should be in the quarterfinal. We knew the quality of the Algerian team can not be compared with us. It was good pratice for my players before playing against stronger teams. Algeria played a good game in defence, they did not give us any easy points."

On whether Serbia's losing streak against Brazil will end when the two teams meet on Wednesday:
"It was not too long of a losing streak. (But) we played two games against brazil at the World Championship and the World Cup, and we lost both. Brazil is a team that we do not like to play. Their style is not fit for us. In the game against Brazil, the team that wins gets something but the loser do not lose anything."

Algeria's captain Narimene Madani 

On the match:
"We are disappointed about the performance we had today. Although the Serbian team is a strong team, we should have done better. I do not know what happened."

Algeria Head Coach Mouloud Ikhedji

On Algeria's performance:
"We did not play to our full potential, so personally I am disappointed. The Serbian team was excellent in their service and blocking and I would like to extend my congratulatiuons to them, but I would also like to emphasise that we should have done better."

On Serbia's style of play:
"We are most used to the style of Brazil, Cuba and Italy. We are not so familiar with the style of Serbian, Crotian, Russian and Polish teams. So today we were not relaxed."

On the two sisters on the team, Melinda and Sehryne Hennaoui (ALG):
"The management of the team is more difficult with two sisters, because the older sister is always trying to take responsibility for the younger. I would prefer not to have two sisters on the team."