Monday, 18 June 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Lang talks about tragic incident

Japan's Yoshie Takeshita sets

LANG Ping (CHN) - USA coach


On the circumstances of the death of Todd BACHMAN (USA Men's coach Hugh McCUTCHEON'S father-in-law):


"We had a very difficult situation. I told the players to concentrate on the game, the game always goes on. We have to be strong and make sure we play our game and play for the USA. We were lucky because there were many supporters behind us. We would like to thank them for that."


"We were shocked. Most of the players called their parents. We were supposed to have a technical meeting but I cancelled it to give them more time. I told my players to be strong, we have a lot of fans. I told them we have to show spirit and I know it's difficult for players to deal with this so quickly. We had three hours to deal with everything."


"In our lives there are a lot of things we cannot control. The thing we can control is ourselves. It's a difficult time. It's the first time in my life I've been in this kind of situation before a game. I have to be strong and patient first so that I can let the players get over it and cheer for them and help them."


On her reception in Beijing:


"It was very lucky for me when I walked on the court to have so many fans cheering for me. I wish I could play. I've played in this gym so many times before and I have a lot of great memories. I want to say thank you for all the love."


Shoichi YANAGIMOTO (JPN) - coach


On the match:


"It's a pity we lost today but we'll do our best next time. Japan's fast and side attacks didn't make a difference. Our attacking was too simple and that's why we failed to win."


On the team's strategy:


"We had played the USA twice and found that they shot in the centre and we prepared how to manage that. In defence it had an effect."


"We focused on playing in the middle. The touch-out techniques did well, too. It was our first match today and we tried our best although the result was disappointing. However, we will try to maintain our confidence and do what we should do in the future."