Friday, 27 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
China captain Feng: The crowd helped us

Chinese celebrate

Jayce ANDRADE (VEN) - captain

On the match:
"We've reflected on our loss and realise our opponent is a very strong team. So we knew that we would face many difficulties. We made many errors, particularly in blocking and serving, so we lost. But in the future we hope not to have so many errors."

On Venezuela's Olympic debut:
"We were able to make it into this Olympics because we have been training very vigorously for many years. We hope therefore that we can put on a good performance."

FENG Kun (CHN) - captain

On how she felt playing before a home crowd:
"This is not the first time for me performing in the Olympics. But in front of such a large, cheering crowd, we were very excited. Of course we still have some pressure on our shoulders, but because of the home crowd, our motivation is strong."

On the match:
"This match was different for us, because we had to adapt ourselves to the venue. We have been at this venue now for some time. At the very beginning we found it very difficult to adapt to, but over time it has made no difference to us."

On her future:
"What is on my mind right now is to perform my best for the next match. That is the goal for our Olympic team. I have no specific plans, but I will be around for the future."

CHEN Zhonghe (CHN) - coach

On the match:
"This was our first match at the Games; we've been preparing for four years. Now the day we have been waiting for has finally come, so we're excited. We had a good performance, but we also made some errors, and we hope to improve upon those in the future."

Tomas FERNANDEZ (CUB) - Venezuela head coach

On the match:

"Whether in strength, power or ability we were not as good as the Chinese today, especially in blocking. We only blocked once and we also had many errors in serving. We cannot play like the Chinese in this tournament but we hope by participating in the Olympics we can improve our skills and play as well as the Chinese team in the future."

"People in Venezuela love volleyball. Everyone is very passionate about the game. They are a very young team and they are very excited to be able to participate in the Games."

On their tactic of attacking on the right side:

"I was not pleased with the tactic. We used the 4-2 formation with three spikers at the front. We were not satisfied as it worked out just once. The Chinese team blocked us well and we were not able to successfully block them back so I was disappointed with the result."

On Venezuela's future opportunities:

"We played a lot of regional matches in Latin America. We met some very strong teams and we did a very good job so we were able to qualify for the Olympics. But the regional teams are not comparable to the Olympic teams. We are here to learn from stronger teams."

On their next match:

"We will compete with Japan, who are a very strong attacking team and we always follow the tactics of the Cubans (using a 4-2 formation)."