Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Cuba happy with victory

Cuba come together to celebrate

Marco BONITTA (ITA) - head coach
On the game:
"It was really difficult for us after the second set. I think they are one of the strongest teams in the world and our most difficult opponent. I think the difference between the two teams is clear. I think they are the best. I hope Cuba can reach the final of the Olympic Games and we can reach the quarterfinals."
On Poland's Olympic prospects:
"I feel we tried our best. I don't know if it's enough for the next few games. It is important that we play like we did today until the end of each match."
Milena ROSNER (POL) - captain
On the match:
"Our first set was good, but the others were not. We had problems with reception. It's difficult to stop their strong attacking."

Yumilka RUIZ (CUB) - captain
On the win:
"This game was pretty difficult from the beginning. We are very happy with this victory because it's not easy to win the first match of the Olympic Games."
On what changes they made after losing the first set 25-21:
"We didn't exactly make changes. In the first set we made many net violations, so we just tried little by little to make fewer errors."
Antonio PERDOMO (CUB) - head coach
On errors in the first set:
"The first match of the Olympic Games is always difficult for any team. In the first set we made many errors, like the captain said. We made errors in our attacks and blocking and in service reception. It took a lot of effort to block such high attacks from Poland, but we were very lucky to win the game in the end."