Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Press Info - Press Conference
Guimaraes: We're the best in the world

Brazil Head Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes enjoys the moment with a little help from his players and staff
Marianne STEINBRECHER (BRA) - Gold

On the USA team's strategy to serve to her:


"Their strategy to serve to me was to break our team's attack, but we were still able to spike high balls and counter-attack. Every team has their strategies, but we were prepared for that and for anything else that could come along."


Jose Roberto GUIMARAES (BRA) -  head coach - Gold

On winning the Gold medal:

"I'm extremely happy and gratified for all the work we've done in the last four years. This match against USA was different from all the others in the tournament, they wanted to take Mari (STEINBRECHER, BRA) out of the game but we imagined that it could happen and prepared for that. "

"We are the best team in the world, now I can say it."

On the difference between coaching the Men's Volleyball team in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games and the Women's team in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games:

"In 1992, Italy was the best team in the world and the favourite to win the Gold medal in Barcelona, but the Brazilian team just got better and better and won the competition."

"With the Women's team, it was a different and harder job, we received a lot of criticism after losing the Bronze medal in Athens (2004 Olympic Games). But we turned the criticism to our advantage and in the last four years our win rate has been over 90 per cent."

"I'm thankful for being able to get over that moment and to win a Gold, because a Gold was something we owed to Brazil."

Lindsey BERG (USA) 

On the match:

"A Gold medal match is always bittersweet for the loser. We came out and fought our hearts out, we've got to look at it and be proud. We're just thrilled, it's hard but we got a Silver medal at the Olympic Games."

On how the death of coach Todd BACHMAN affected the team:

"The BACHMAN family has been on our mind this whole tournament. We can't express our sorrow for them and we think a lot about her (BACHMAN's daughter and former USA Volleyball player Elisabeth BACHMAN) everyday. We know she's strong and she'll be strong about it."

On how the USA exceeded expectations:

"Deep down we knew we could be here. Our team committed to each other, definitely the tragedy with the BACHMAN family brought us together. We wanted to do it for 'Whiz' (Elisabeth BACHMAN)."

On her impression of LANG Ping (CHN):

"She decided to coach us four years ago. We committed to her and she took on a team with a lot of potential but a little bit rusty. But look where she got us. We've got a Silver medal and she's been our leader throughout these four years."

LANG Ping (CHN) - USA head coach

On the match:

"Today the match was very difficult. Brazil is definitely the best team in this tournament. Before our finals they hadn't lost a single set.

On the significance of the Silver medal for USA Volleyball:

"This is a great thing for USA Volleyball. There are so many young girls in high school and college playing Volleyball. I wish some day there would be a USA professional league and that would help find a higher level of USA players."

On whether she would consider coaching China again:

"I don't really think so, I really need a vacation. My daughter would prefer I stay in the USA for some quality time. There are a lot of good coaches in China already."